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Y’all haven’t met my loom yet.


Meet Flippy. Why Flippy? It’s a secondhand Purrington folding floor loom. It needed a cat name, so I named it after this cat.

It also flips over a lot when it folds up. I haven’t been able to fold it up with the warp on yet, though, because one of the pieces of hardware is missing. Specifically one of the ones that attaches the beater to the castle while it folds. So I can remove the beater and fold it up while it doesn’t have a warp on, but while it’s warped, it’s set up (until I can replace the part)

Anyway I didn’t get a good full photo of it. The above photo is of the warp I have on right now. I wound enough for two scarves, and wove one already. I realized partway through that I had set it up wrong in my haste and excitement at having a sectional beam.



The warp needs to go over the back beam before it heads for the heddles. I forgot to bring it over. The selvedge threads are hanging loose because I had tied them up to the back beam to make them sit mid-shed rather than align with the bottom. The fact that it makes a straight line from back to front instead of being held down in the middle by the weight of the harnesses meant that it was a struggle to make a decent shed at all.

So I finished the first scarf with the loom in this condition, but decided to fix it before starting the second one. I could have cut the warp and unthreaded each heddle in turn, brought it over the back beam, and rethreaded it, but that seemed like a pain in my ass, so I opted for another method.





I wrapped some spacers around the back beam to make sure things got wound back onto their proper sections.


It worked pretty well.


I missed a loop of warp while I was transferring it to the new leashes though.


And once I got it wound up all the way, the tension at the front was pretty messed up.


I suppose I’ll have to cut and re-tie it anyway. Oh well.

While I had my loom pulled out to mess with the warp beam, I retrieved my dropped shuttle


And selected a weft for the next scarf


Yeah, my yarn shelf is pretty much the embodiment of chaos at this point. I have more yarn than I can fit on there.

I recently resolved to play less Minecraft and do more creative yarn things. One of these activities has tangible results. I think it’s working?


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